Tips for Remodelling Your Laundry Room

If you are considering renovating your laundry room due to certain reasons, you might need some ideas and tips to help you carry out your project. Houzz provides some ideas you can use.



Here are the steps in remodelling your laundry room:


1. What do you want to achieve?

Why did you decide to rebuild your laundry? Why is it necessary to you? All of the answers will somehow influence your decisions more than anything else, and surely will affect your budget. Is the remodelling more to function issues or aesthetics?


Getting new devices and putting new colour or wallpaper is one thing and tearing down the walls, redirecting plumbing and constructing a whole new room is another thing.


How do you want the room to work?

Consider the other features to function in your laundry room and be sure you can make space for these things while you are making some plans. Do you want your laundry room to work as mudrooms as well, or storage rooms for keeping vacuum cleaners, sports gear, and brooms?


How often do you do your laundry?

How often is the laundry done? Is it once a week or every day? You may want to have a set of individual baskets that best organise the laundry for every member of your family if you have a large family with several obstacles.


Do you fold your clothes in the laundry as well? If that is your routine, you might need a sufficient counter space. You might want to think about a large island if the budget is available.


What kind of devices do you want?

Choosing your already existing appliances or appliances will have a significant impact on other options for your location. For instance, which appliances do you want side-by-side or stacked? Although stacked appliances can save some space, it can give some problems for shorter people as they have to use a stool to reach things on the top controls.


Which one do you want, a front or a top loader? Even though the front loaders provide you with the work area for folding and tidying, they may not frequently drain sufficiently; therefore, it can cause mould on the machine.


2. Research and Budget

You need to have a budget estimation before starting a home project. A new washer and dryer can cost a large sum of money instantly. Other things that can greatly impact your budget are moving the plumbing around, fixing a sink or window and making custom cabinets.


You are recommended to start with the big cost when planning your budget. These will provide the function. Above all, the laundry rooms are mostly a workaday place. Once you can handle that, you can continue to spruce things up if the budget is available.


Decide what you can keep or toss out in order to save money. Is painting enough for your old cabinet, instead of getting rid them off? Can you manage the flooring? Buying equipment during holiday sales or buying floor models can also help reduce costs.



When you move your laundry room to a new place in your home, you need to think about ventilation, plumbing, drainage, hitting walls, and more, all of which contributes considerably to the costs.


One more to think about before hitting the walls is performing asbestos testing and asbestos removal Adelaide if your house is categorised as an older house. Remember that most of older houses, built before the 1990s, have a high possibility of containing asbestos. That is why before wrecking things, make sure no asbestos is found in your house, or your remodelling project becomes a disaster.


3. Get a Professional

After deciding the overall scope of your project, you will probably have an idea of whether or not you need to hire a professional to get help. When you do a major renovation, you will need to get a competent team to make sure things work smoothly. A professional can help you evaluate problems and provide solutions you may not have thought of, like putting a window for natural lighting


4. Consider the style

Think about sprucing things up a little using paint, tile, wallpaper and accessories when you have managed the issue of the functionality of your space. You may want to experiment with some fun, energetic colours or prints if your laundry room is hidden from the view of guests.


The more visible your place, the more likely you will want it to look beautiful. The laundry area in the mudroom side entrance that guests and family often go through could guarantee extra attention. On the contrary, if your laundry room is in an unfinished basement where few people dare to visit, then it seems that perhaps it is not important to you.


5. Decorate and Enjoy

Now that your place is finished adds matched carpets, hammers, soap holders, art and more. Keep in mind that detergents and bleach can cause a mess on materials.

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