Asbestos Do’s and Don’t’s

Asbestos has become a terror for many people. Some lost their lives due to asbestos exposure, and some lost their homes. Others experienced mental depression because their houses contain asbestos.


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The terror started in the 1800s when construction industry began to use widely asbestos for house materials. People who have older homes live under the shadow of dangerous fibre. The use of asbestos was not limited to housing or commercial premises. Public places, such as schools and even hospitals, were also contaminated with this material. Parents have begun to worry about the health of their children. Everything about the presence of asbestos has given a chill to everyone’s spine.

To minimise the risk of asbestos exposure, check these do’s and don’ts relating to the handling of asbestos.



  • Don’t do any activities that will cause asbestos to release its fibre. Minimise any activities that can disturb the asbestos. The airborne fibre can be easily inhaled by people and pose serious health risk
  • Don’t use power tools for it can disturb the asbestos
  • Don’t scrape, saw, sand, or drill holes in asbestos material because it can produce some dust
  • Don’t use any abrasive brushes on power stripper to strip and wax asbestos flooring. This method also must not be applied to dry floor
  • Don’t level or sand asbestos floor or its backing
  • Don’t use high-water pressure to spray the surface of material containing asbestos for it might increase the spread of the dust or fibre
  • Don’t sweep or dust the asbestos debris
  • Don’t walk on asbestos cement roof because it is fragile and it doesn’t hold weight
  • Don’t work with asbestos on windy day
  • Don’t leave AC products in the places that might cause them to be broken
  • Don’t reuse or store asbestos cement sheeting
  • Don’t take off your protective equipment, such as mask or coveralls until you finish working
  • Don’t recycle or reuse asbestos waste
  • Don’t dispose the debris of asbestos in regular waste bin
  • Don’t reuse or recycle disposable protective kits
  • Don’t shake the dust out of coverall
  • Don’t wash or clean the gloves



  • Leave the intact asbestos alone
  • Use standard personal protective equipment when working with asbestos
  • Minimise activites in the areas suspected with asbestos or in the areas where asbestos is disturbed
  • Take every possible precaution to prevent any disturbance of asbestos
  • Spray some water on the material containing asbestos repeatedly before you start working
  • Insulate the working area by closing and sealing the doors but open the external doors and windows to maximize ventilation
  • If you are working outside, close all doors and windows and cover the ventilation to avoid the asbestos fibre from entering
  • Put heavy-duty plastic sheeting to cover the floor. The plastic is used to hold the asbestos dust or debris
  • Use non-electrical hand powered tools for working
  • Remove the nail first to minimise the breakage on the asbestos sheet
  • Minimise breaking or cutting the asbestos material
  • Clean the area once you finish working
  • Clean the area using wet rag or mop or vacuum cleaner fitted with HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filter
  • Put all the material containing asbestos wet until it is all packaged
  • Label all the sealed bag containing asbestos using permanent marker pen
  • Double bag and sealed all materials employed during the work
  • Wear protective equipment until the work is done
  • Dispose all the disposable protective equipment
  • Wash yourself thoroughly


Working safely with asbestos will prevent you and the people around you from getting exposed to asbestos fibre.

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