A Low-Budget Faux Marble Shelf

Have you been thinking of doing some decorating or remodeling project? Are you considering of remodeling your kitchen or perhaps your bedroom? Maybe adding a new shelf can be a good idea to your renovation project. It will be useful to add shelving when you decorate or organise a room. Naturally, the new shelves can add some functional spaces, and you can place your favourite things on the shelves. For kitchen storage, some home designs still depend on open shelves, and that can mean you can dispose of the upper kitchen cabinets entirely. A DIY artificial marble shelf is chic and smart option to be applied to any room that you are decorating or organising.



Note that this is not your ordinary DIY hanging self-project. The DIY project will present a self that appears like a genuine marble, offering a high-end and unique look. It is practical so that you yourself can do it with a very low-cost budget.

The project does not require that much time, only an hour or so. The duration will depend on the paint. If the paint dries quickly, then it can finish faster. You do not need to spend much money on the project, but you can have a new decoration for your house. Once you have finished doing it, you will feel satisfied because it is done by your own hand. Another good point is that you can adjust it to your home decoration. Are you interested? Check out for more information on Life Storage. Let’s begin!


Let’s shop

As the first step, of course, shopping. You need to get all the items for the decoration project. Here is the list of the items that you need:

  • Wood board (the size is at least twice as wide as the wall space)
  • Spray paint (white and metallic colours)
  • Metal bracket
  • Marble self-adhesive decorative film
  • Mounting hardware
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Brush for glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Vinyl scrapping tool (optional)



If your board requires being cut down to the right size, the time is now. What will be your limitation is the wall space that you need to work with. Your board will need to lean over the edges of your brackets at around an inch and a half till two inches. If needed, cut the board.



Cover the board using spray paint if you have cut the board. Before you paint the board, make sure you cover the surface using a drop cloth and spray the board in an area that is well-ventilated. Spray the paint on the front and sides. Once you have done with the first coating, do the second coating to cover the places that were missed on the first try. Do it before the board completely is dry. Next, let the board fully dry.

You can spray the bracket while waiting for the first side to dry. Make sure all the edges and corners. As soon as the brackets and board dry, flip the two over and then apply the paint to the other sides. Let all of the sides completely dry.


Fix the Board

Fix your brackets onto the wall as soon as the board is ready. Wait! There is something that you have to consider before you drill the wall. Does the wall contain asbestos? During the post war construction boom in between after 1940’s until the 1980s, Australia constructed many asbestos walls. The asbestos walls are mostly found in:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • External cladding
  • Laundries
  • Garages

For the safety of your family, before you drill or demolish anything in your decoration project, check the wall first by conducting asbestos testing or removal.

Before you drill the wall, make sure to check if everything is level. It is strongly recommended that you use wall anchors with your screws. Put your board on the top once the brackets are in the place. To make it safer, you can screw the board to the brackets, but it is optional.


Decorate Your Board

Now, decorate your board. You can add your favourite items to the display. Or, you can try one of the interior design ideas on how to decorate a bookshelf.

You can put these following items on your new shelf:

  • picture frames
  • books
  • vintage cameras
  • Air plants
  • Sunglasses
  • Candles
  • Personal items


This kind of DIY is suitable for every room in your home. It is a perfect way to show your unique items that are mostly put on a bookshelf. It also can maximise the space of your wall.

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A Low-Budget Faux Marble Shelf

Have you been thinking of doing some decorating or remodeling project? Are you considering of remodeling your kitchen or perhaps your bedroom? Maybe...