7 Things That Can Turn Off Prospective Buyers

Whether it is the macroeconomic environment and its effect on the housing market or the current events in Europe, you don’t wish to know. What you really want is only to be able to sell your house quickly. You might do not notice that the real problem has nothing to do with the economic situation today, but more to what you do or do not do to the prospective buyers. Perhaps you need to pay attention to the following list and see if you have committed one of these mistakes.



No Photos

It is a mistake not to have great photos of your house because it is the best thing that you can possibly do to for your listing. Take photos as much as you are possible. It’s okay to post lots of photos as long as they show your home in a way that catches the attention of a buyer. If you have a high-resolution camera, it’s great, but a higher-quality will do fine. However, if you don’t have both, then, ask someone with a great skill for help. See other lists and examine what pictures that grab your attention and take the same photos for your house. Get lots of photos, but put the best shots at the opening of the photo album on the listing page.


Lack of Curb Appeal

Try to put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes. What would you do if you try to get the best real estate? Searching on the internet for listings that meet your criteria on the Internet is a possible thing that you would do. Then get into your car and go home. Observe! Does your home looks beautiful on the outside? If you plan a schedule for a showing, you would better work on the appearance of the exterior. Your elegantly remodelled kitchen will always be visible only in a photo if your home has no curb appeal. Cut the trees, fertilise the lawn, change the old exterior lights and do something to the landscape. You need to impress the potential buyers with the exterior before they finally fall really in love with the interior of your home.


Dirty Rooms

You may think your household ornaments are simple. However, the buyers may think that they look more like a big mess. The potential buyers want to search for a spacious place, and your clutters only make your house look smaller. The real estate agents advise to empty the cabinets halfway and leave nothing on the floor. Don’t put more than three devices on your kitchen counter.


Bad Neighbours

Poor neighbours can be more than an annoyance; They can hold potential home buyers. Noisy neighbours, loud music and barking sounds of dogs are just among the several things that can ruin your home sales.


When you plan to show your house, ask your neighbours to lower the sound of the music. You can also offer to pay for child day care to create the quiet setting that the buyers wish.


Poor text

The text that you put in your listing is really crucial, and a little creativity is exactly what you need. Don’t use any stereotypical and ridiculous claims. How do you know your house is “the best house on the market”? How do you know that your home truly “the perfect home for your family” if you have never met the reader? You can safely say that the neighbourhood is good for small children, you’ve remodelled the kitchen and bathrooms, and the house has fast access to two major highways. There is a limit of text space, so maximise it.



Dangerous Materials

What do you think the buyers will react they found out that there are hidden dangerous material buried inside your house? A possible move that they will do is change their decision. Therefore, before listing your house, make sure you have removed all the dangerous materials such as asbestos. Hire a professional to do the removal. When it comes to engaging a contractor, be sure to check whether they have an accredited licence to do the job. To get the most qualified and reliable contractor for asbestos testing or removal, you can get them through Clear Asbestos Removal Adelaide for example. Just be sure no hidden danger inside your house if you want to sell your house fast.


Do You Still Live in Your Home?

There is nothing more inconvenient than going with your agent into a home just to see that the house owner still lives in there. You can not talk openly with your agent and, before anything else, if the homeowners are there with the dog and the kids, you can not imagine the house as yours. When you plan a house tour, clean your house and take the family away. When you return and see the car at the entrance, take a short trip. Do not let the prospective buyer notice your existence until the closing.


In conclusion, for a house to sell in a difficult housing market, you need to polish your house and avoid the mistakes mentioned above. You can read more about how to sell your house fast here.

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