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Tips to Get A Skyrocketing Price for your Property

Have you ever intended to sell your house? Got a bit pessimistic with the condition? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have few tips for you! Just hit the “Show more” button and scroll down to get amazing tips to increase your property value.

Renovation: The Preparation

Having your property renovated for a sole purpose of selling it, is a bit different than renovating it for a better living environment. If you want to renovate your house for a selling purpose, then you just need to focus on remodeling certain structures. By doing this, your property will look more appealing to the potential buyers.

However, if you intend to renovate your house to make it a better place to live, you’ll need extra efforts, as well as more money to spend. Either way, you should open wide your eyes for renovation ideas that can be applied in your building.


Just be careful with your imagination! You shouldn’t go wild with a bunch of ideas that you want to apply to your property. Some renovations can actually decrease the value of your property, especially if it’s an old building. Below are some examples of the worst improvement that can make your house looks cheap:

1. Throwing away the original timber windows

James Treble, an interior designer, and a presenter, said that leaving one part of a house along with its characteristic features will allow it to retain its value.

2. A speed up renovation

A fast renovation often makes the renovator miss the genuine value of a house. The presenter of The Living Room and founder of Renovating for Profit, Cherie Barber, experienced the same thing when she had to make a quick fix on a federation-style house. She removed everything that seems to take the time to fix and put in modern fittings and fixtures to save time and money. Her decision at that time was quite bad, and she would never want to do the same thing again.

3. A mixture of deco and modern style

Liz Montgomery, the Bon Habitat director, found some of the Worst renovation in an apartment she has bought. An ugly non-slip layer was covering beautiful terrazzo tiles, which of course reducing the aesthetic value of a building. Other changes of the structure were covering the internal bagged brick wall with plaster, and it was a bad call.

4. Dividing a room with details

In some buildings, the rooms are decorated with plasterwork, which adds up the property value. However, installing partitions to make smaller rooms can change or even destroy the plasterwork. As an interior designer, Adam Hicks often finds this kind of changes, particularly in bigger houses.

5. Installing imitation period features

Many people try to re-create an old Victorian terrace by installing some imitation features. But the attempt never ends well. Giving a modern touch to a heritage house can actually add up the period feature highlight if it’s done correctly, as stated by the Ewert Leaf director, Toby Ewert.

You can find more examples of bad renovation that can reduce a house value. You don’t want to do or experience the same thing like the examples mentioned above. Or else, you will never get a high price for your premise.

Next: Make more marketing efforts

After you’ve made all the necessary changes, it’s time for you to put your new-look house to the public. Here’s a good tip, you can make some before-after photos. The photos can provide you with a stronger reason why your property’s value is higher now than before.

You can also tell all renovation efforts that you’ve made to the real estate agent because he will meet a lot of people during the open house. So you have to ensure that he passes the information around.

asbestos and home renovation in Adelaide

Adelaide Asbestos Removal, Testing and Hazardous Material Management

Important Notes to consider

Besides the visual look of the house, what you have to be aware of is some hazardous materials that can be dangerous for the new occupant of your premise. You have to pay close attention to certain materials since they can affect your property’s value as well.

What you need to do is to check your building for any contamination from lead, mold, asbestos, or any other contaminants. The regulations implied that a property owner must own a document that stated what kind of hazardous elements exist in the building.

The contaminant material, particularly the ones made of asbestos, must be put at the top of priority in your risk control plan because you may get a penalty for breaking the law if you fail to do so. If you have no idea whether you have asbestos-containing material (ACM) in your place, you should try to arrange an asbestos removal and testing project with an expert.

Why can’t you do an asbestos removal and testing work yourself?

It’s because of the danger an ACM possesses, which can put you in the risk of exposure. Moreover, you may not have sufficient training and kits to do the asbestos removal and testing DIY project. Dealing with ACM is not about removing it and put it in bags or just check it using the testing kits package. Furthermore, ACM can be anywhere and in any material. The fibrous material may reside in your fence, wall sheeting, or even your roof. The variety of contaminated products can be as many as 3,000 items. So you’d better leave the jobs to a removalist who has a proper tool and certification.

Further reading:

Check at one of Safe Work SA page or EPA SA page.

What can a professional asbestos removalist do for you?

A licensed contractor can do a complete asbestos removal and testing process at your premise. The process can be as simple as conducting an on-site inspection at your location. The assessor will do a proper identification and list his findings in a register. You’ll get a full report of the identification procedure, and the removalist may as well provide you further advice in handling the ACM.

Another ACM related services that you may need are as follows: Asbestos removal, testing, roof removal, management plan, emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant and soil remediation.

In summary, you can do some tweaks to make your living or working space looks better. But the most important thing that can boost your house’s value is your awareness of the danger of ACM and how to manage it correctly.

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